Patient Testimonials

I am a practicing physician in Portland, OR and a new patient at Dr. Kathan’s Timber Dental. I am eagerly writing this review for Dr. Kathan and the Timber Dental staff (Mary and Shelby), whom I met for the first time last week. From start to finish, the experience was OUTSTANDING! Dr. Kathan truly is doing dentistry differently. He is very personable. He values communication. He has modernized his practice through the use of technology, which has enabled him to be totally transparent with this care and which I found to be totally empowering as a patient. And of course, he delivered in terms of dentistry…very intelligent and both thorough and gentle with his exam and cleaning. I walked away from my visit with my teeth feeling perfectly clean and very confident that Dr. Kathan will help me to keep my teeth healthy for many years to come. I am recommending Dr. Kathan to my family and strongly recommend that you consider him for your dental care too.
David G. - 7/16/2014

Definitely highly recommended. Prices are affordable while the place is clean and modern. They are very gentle and nice, and were sensitive to my income restrictions.
April E . - 7/2/2014

The service was exceptional!! The atmosphere is gorgeous!! Super high tech equipment. I couldn’t be happier with the overall appointment! My family will be switching to your office!! Nice work!!
Monica R. - 7/2/2014

Best… dental… checkup… ever. The staff was really nice. They were very punctual with my appointment. The office was very clean and modern. My dentist was Matt, and he was very friendly and open.

They had a big screen TV hanging above me, so that I could see much of what was going on while they were helping me. They even let me use the suction tube so that I felt a little less like a lab rat and a little more empowered and involved.

Not only did they do the routine aspects of my visit, e.g. cleaning, but Matt gave a refresher course on the best way to brush. He used a dye on my teeth so that I could see the plaque or spots that I was missing with brushing. Having never seen that before, I was able to understand new brushing techniques with what their actual effects would look like.

Matt seems to have the philosophy of “If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” Instead of hoping to get more money from patients, he wants people to know the best ways to be able to avoid dental work as much as possible. A real find 🙂

Joshua S.

Best. People. Ever.
Conlan Murphy

I’ve had a opportunity to work along side Dr. Matt, it was a great experience! He’s very sincere and cares about his patients. I was JUST a dental assistant but he never treated me as JUST a dental assistant. Not only is he great with patients and employees but also does excellent dental work that won’t make you say “Timberrrr, my dental work in falling in on me!”
Robin Wiite

The Kathan’s are some of the kindest people I know.
Kale Langleytes

Dr. Matt is a master at pretty much whatever he decides to do!
Joseph McColley

I went to Timber Dental and had a great experience. Matt was friendly, thorough, and made me feel comfortable right away. The location is great, and I liked the style of the place with reclaimed wood, high ceilings, and Oregon landscape photography on the walls. Recommended.
Daniel Howlett

My kids and I see Dr. Matt Kathan for our dental needs. He is very knowledgeable and takes time to make sure the kids are comfortable with his care. He explains the procedures to me, and makes sure the kids understand what is going on, too, so they aren’t afraid to go to the dentist at all. He’s easygoing, funny, and everybody laughs around him.
DS Sutinen

Dr. Kathan is the only person I’ll ever trust with my mouth!
Chris Worth

I’m a single father of three and when I was selecting a dentist. I wanted to find a provider that would work with my limited funds, be compassionate to myself and children as our dental hygiene wasn’t the strongest and finally that would be able to thoroughly explain my options for treatments. Dr Matt Kathan and his staff were both accomodating, compassionate, comforting and were willing to work with the budget I planned for my small family. It was a pleasure to work with all the staff. Because of his quality of care, I took my children from their intitial screening at another competitor and brought them to Timber Dental to be treated! I have recommended to my family and friends and brought my own children to be treated by Dr. Matt and Molly, they are truely a blessing and willing to go the extra mile. THANK YOU!
Dustin Razo

I was very impresed with the way i was treated. State of the art technology. And best of all professional and excellent care. I was explained right the way what was wrong with my teeth. Excellent stuff. I was even able to watch a movie and best of all no pain. How do they do. I dont know. Im very fortune to be in Timbers Dental care Thank you so much Dr Matt
Marcelo Pereira

Awesome dentist.
Justin Frandsen

I was in the office for the first time to have them check out a troublesome tooth. The appointment was timely, the staff knowledgeable and friendly, and the dentist did not try to push more treatment than I was comfortable with on this appointment. I’ve already made my next appointment for cleaning and will be a regular. Glad they are in the neighborhood!
Rose H