Children’s Dentistry

Under Three

We would love to see your child within six months of their first tooth eruption or by their first birthday. Early preventive care and creating a positive dental experience is important to maintaining your child’s healthy smile.
Exam, X-Rays, and Cleaning

A children’s exam is very similar to an adult exam. We look to make sure the teeth are healthy and erupting properly. Depending on the age of your child we may take some x-ray pictures of your child teeth to screen for proper development and detection of any cavities. Cleaning and polishing remove any buildup or stain from your child’s teeth and leave them sparkling.

A great way to prevent cavities, sealants are a thin layer off tooth colored filling material that is placed over the nooks and crannies on the chewing surface of back teeth. The procedure is quick, easy and affordable, giving the tooth an extra boost of protection from those cavity-causing “sugar bugs.”
Tooth Colored Fillings

If a tooth gets a cavity Dr. Matt will remove the decay and restore it with filling. These tooth colored fillings are great because they bond to the tooth so we can leave as much natural tooth structure as possible.
Baby Tooth Root Canals

Technically called a pulpotomy, this procedure removes the sick part of a tooth nerve. Medicine is placed inside the tooth to prevent having to remove the tooth. The tooth will then need a stainless steel crown to make it stronger.
Stainless Steel Crowns

Also called silver “caps,” these are placed on molar teeth to strengthen them. They are utilized when a filling would not be strong enough to restore the tooth.