Sedation Service

Nitrous Oxide
"laughing gas"

Nitrous Oxide is used to make patients feel more comfortable during a procedure. Patients wear a mask and gently inhale the gas until they reach a state of relaxation. Unlike oral or IV medication, nitrous oxide need not be metabolized. You will usually be back to your normal self a few minutes after the procedure. You do not have to bring an escort with you when yu leave your appointment.

Nitrous oxide may not be suitable for everyone, please check with Dr. Matt.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation should be taken an hour prior to the treatment to take full effect. Dr. Matt is experienced in handling dental anxiety and will choose the type of sedative best suited for you.

We recommend taking the medication the evening before a procedure to help you relax and prepare. We want you to have a good night’s rest before you come see us.

Just like nitrous oxide, oral sedation may not be appropriate for everyone. Please discuss your concerns with us before undergoing sedation procedures. Your safety remains our number one priority.